Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Favorite Super Hero

Captain America is by far my favorite super hero followed closely by Superman.

First off, to my knowledge, Captain America has never slept around. He respects women with the kind of golden years respect, where women had equal rights, but a man would still open doors and stand when they entered the room. He even address ladies as "ma’am."

He is religious. One of my favorite lines from the new Avengers movie is Captain America's testimony. “There’s only one God, ma’am, and I’m pretty sure he doesn't dress like that.”

He hasn't been desensitized by the ever increasing media stimulation and corruption. Back in his day, they would NEVER show some of the things that are shown on T.V. today.

War hero. Who doesn't like a patriotic stud?

Respect of power. He wasn't always strong. It was a gift given to him and he never took it for granted. 

Leadership skills. He never asked to be the leader, never aspired to that position, but he was the best man for the job and everyone knew it.

He punched out Hitler. Seriously, how many of us wish we can do that.

<3<3<3 Captain America <3<3<3

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