Saturday, June 16, 2012

Marriage Like a Tree

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I LOVE trees and love tree analogies and allegories. The scriptures are full of tree allegories and now I have come up with my own.

Grafting = The process of wherein one is joined to another
Digging, watering, and pruning= Work, Nurturing
Fertilizer = Poop!           
Decaying branches = Bad influences or actions, other wickedness (inward influences that can harm a tree.)
Bugs, storms, etc. = outside influences that can harm the tree.

Marriage Like A Tree. (Becoming One)

Marriage is like two trees planted side by side. Their roots intertwine making them stronger. They stand together, embracing one another as the storms of life cycle through their seasons. They know that no matter how terrible the storm, the sun will shine again.

Then comes the vineyard laborer with his ax; hacking and sawing off decaying and unfruitful branches. No matter how painful, we must give up childish games and worldly pursuits for a healthier union.

But with our roots intertwined and our faults left behind it is still not enough to truly become one.
How cruel can the laborer be? He cuts at our best branches, the most healthy and strong.
He gives us trial after trial—testing us. We wonder how strong we can be when it feels like everything around us is falling apart.

Then he slices into us, grafting our best branches into one another. "Oh I see." This trial is helping us be one. Now I don't mind the CRAP (dung) being smeared all over us now.

Next we are sliced into by the merciless blade without the grafted branch of our partner to fill the gap. Our wounds left exposed as sap bleeds from our limbs. Now it’s our turn, and our choice, to either pull away and heal alone leaving ugly scars or to embrace each other, surrendering all we have no longer being "Me" but becoming "We" and we heal, becoming one.

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