Thursday, November 15, 2012

Zombie Jello

Here's an easy way to freak people out at Thanksgiving.

1 package of cherry jello
1 can of lychees drained and rinsed

Prepare jello as directed on the box then pour the drained and rinsed lychees into the liquid jello.
Refrigerate 2 hours to set.

I almost fainted when I saw what this looked like. I'm not posting a picture because I wouldn't do it justice and because I want you to try it.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Holiday Tradition-Food Storage–Practical Savings.

Christmas and New Years—we've got the two celebrations backwards. I’m trying something different this year to save money, stay out of debt, and more appropriately celebrate the holidays.

Traditionally Christmas is a time of giving and receiving gifts and New Years is a time to make goals to better ourselves.

Christmas is when the Christian world celebrates Christ’s birthday. I thought about Christ's birthday. 

For His birthday He would want us to give to others and perform service. He would also want us to make goals to better ourselves, something we traditionally do on New Years.

On Christmas I will still be giving gifts to family and friends, but there will be no load of presents under the tree on Christmas morning. That will come on New Years.

On New Year’s my family will get all the things they might need for the upcoming new year such as:

Upgraded age/skill level appropriate toys and books
New socks and underwear 
Size up clothes for growing kids
Replacing worn out shoes/clothing/household items
Fresh new pillows for the bed
Supplies for hobbies 
And MOST IMPORTANTLY we will be restocking our 1 year food supply and non-food items such as, soap, toiletries, and paper goods.

It sounds expensive, but many of these items I am going to buy throughout the year anyway, and I can buy in bulk to help save money throughout the year. I can also get all the After-Christmas-Clearance items to use for my New Year’s celebration.

Just an idea you might what to try too.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Peter's Mission Call

On Halloween Peter got "The Packet" from church headquarters in the mail.
He is going to TEXAS!

Isn't is obvious. I mean, look at this cowboy:

Sorry ladies, he's off limits for the next two years.

We all took guesses where he would go and I put together a prize for whoever guessed the closest. Kal'el won.

Peter leaves next month. We are so excited for him. He is going to rock!

Why Mormons Don't Have Monsters Under Their Beds

"Why don't Mormons have monsters hiding under their beds?"

Answer: because of this-

Seriously, every bed in my house has boxes of food storage under it. This summer I got on a big food storage kick and started collecting food storage to go with my flour, sugar, and wheat. Things I added where stuff like powdered eggs, powdered whip-cream, powdered milk, powdered honey, and dried fruits and veggies.

On the same note of monsters hiding under the bed, Kal'el has been really into monsters lately, but I haven't had the same issues with him being afraid of monsters as some families do.

Here are a few things I've done to EMPOWER Kal'el against the monsters hiding in the closet (since there is no room under the bed.)

1. I got him into karate classes.
When he starts talking about the scary monsters in the closet I tell him, "Kal'el, you know karate. If the monsters come near you just show them your moves and they will leave you alone."
He really liked that one and will go through his forms and kiai. He know those monsters where afraid  of him now.

2. I made him a bottle of Monster Spray.

 8 oz of water 
 8 drops of Lavender oil 
2 drops of Frankincense

This solution works wonders and is completely safe for children. It won't stain bedding and its safe to use around animals.

Lavender has a natural calming affect. Frankincense relieves stress and uplifts your mood. This combination is perfect for kids trying to sleep when there are monsters in the closet. 

I let Kal'el spray in the closet (which makes the clothes smell good) and spray anywhere else he thinks monsters might be hiding. He feels so good about himself after he does this.

3. The Darth Vader Sword

Kal'el has been into Darth Vader lately and got a small light up Darth Vader sword for using the bathroom consistently. 
He turns on his light up sword and prepares to fight monsters that may sneak into his room.

4. Just Pray.
Heavenly Father will protect you.

I love these empowering tools.

Here is a WAY CUTE song about why kids shouldn't be afraid of monsters:

Kava Kava

This summer I turned vegetarian again and started eating a ton of soy product. After a few weeks of heavy soy consumption I started noticing I was having PMS ALL the time.

A good friend of mine, Debi Hatfield  from Oregon came into town to stay with me a few days. I told her about my weird PMS problem and the first thing she asked is, "Are you eating a lot of soy or drinking soy milk?"

Apparently soy can have some major affect on your hormone levels.

She recommended an herb called Kava Kava. It looks like this:

According to Wikipedia, "Kava is sedating and is primarily consumed to relax without disrupting mental clarity."

With in three day of no soy and taking Kava Kava I felt so much better and like my old self again.

Debi also took me out to Cafe Rio and bought me a meaty lunch to break my vegetarian diet. I have such great friends!