Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Holiday Tradition-Food Storage–Practical Savings.

Christmas and New Years—we've got the two celebrations backwards. I’m trying something different this year to save money, stay out of debt, and more appropriately celebrate the holidays.

Traditionally Christmas is a time of giving and receiving gifts and New Years is a time to make goals to better ourselves.

Christmas is when the Christian world celebrates Christ’s birthday. I thought about Christ's birthday. 

For His birthday He would want us to give to others and perform service. He would also want us to make goals to better ourselves, something we traditionally do on New Years.

On Christmas I will still be giving gifts to family and friends, but there will be no load of presents under the tree on Christmas morning. That will come on New Years.

On New Year’s my family will get all the things they might need for the upcoming new year such as:

Upgraded age/skill level appropriate toys and books
New socks and underwear 
Size up clothes for growing kids
Replacing worn out shoes/clothing/household items
Fresh new pillows for the bed
Supplies for hobbies 
And MOST IMPORTANTLY we will be restocking our 1 year food supply and non-food items such as, soap, toiletries, and paper goods.

It sounds expensive, but many of these items I am going to buy throughout the year anyway, and I can buy in bulk to help save money throughout the year. I can also get all the After-Christmas-Clearance items to use for my New Year’s celebration.

Just an idea you might what to try too.

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