Sunday, December 16, 2012

Nine Reasons Why Mormon Men Are Oppressed.

This is meant to be funny. I don't want to see any dudes wearing a dress to church next Sunday -- unless you are from someplace exotic, then wear your kilts, tunics, robes, and Polynesian wraps because those are just hot!

Almost every Sunday hungry men watch women walk out of Relief Society with candy, cookies, fresh bread, or some other delicious treat.

The women get parties, dinners, and other amazing activities every month. The men get  basketball. I don't think church ball is a great way for men to "bond." Someone always leaves bleeding.

The women get nice soft cushion chairs and the men get hard metal folding chairs. The men are also asked to set up and take down thousands of chairs every year.

Everyone gets Home Teachers, but only women get the luxury of Visiting Teachers.

Men wear heavy dark suits all year round. Even in summer when it's hot the men put on their coats while the women wear light knee length dresses and sandals. Then women complain its cold so they turn up the heat and the men sweat up a storm in dry clean only clothing.

Where's the Father's Room with recliners so the father's can put their feet up and listen to their meetings in kingly comfort?

Men can be primary teachers, but have you ever seen a male primary president or primary councilor for that matter? I've even heard of women den leaders and women cub masters. The RS President is always a woman and so are the young women leaders. This goes all the way up the all women who work with the prophet. The majority of temple workers including ordinance workers are also women.

8. TIES:
A long strip of fabric wrapped around your neck then cinched in a tight knot like a hangman's noose. It also provides little protection for your white shirt when your kid spits up.

If a woman decides she doesn't feel like shaving she can just wear high boots, a long skirt, or nylons to cover her legs. If a man decides not to shave he is seen as a slob and if he puts a nylon stocking over his face he gets the police called on him.


  1. This is classic! Thank you for writing this!

  2. Funny, but more truth than fiction.

  3. oh, THANK YOU for this!! So funny!

  4. That was so wonderful and funny to read.

  5. Men can actually be Relief Society presidents in absence of a worthy or qualified female. I saw it a few times on my mission. Women, however, cannot replace a man in "male-only" callings like Bishop, Sunday School President, etc.

  6. The father's room should come with HD t.v. Just a suggestion.

  7. Thank you. I was feeling kinda upset about the whole pants thing. This lighten me up a little.

  8. That... was so funny! And I'm thinking "Kilt" this Sunday.

  9. Hilarious! I love a good laugh! :)

  10. 1-Why don't men make their own cookies & treats or are they not allowed because that is "women's work"?
    2- Yes making dinner for 87 women is the most fun I have ever had!!!!!! woohoo!
    3- Buildings are equipped with enough soft chairs for both M/W, FYI.
    4- Don't Home Teachers visit men?
    5- Who says you have to wear suits?
    6- Listening to talks through crappy intercom while smelling poopy diapers next to screaming babies in sight of toilets that are being pooped into and then flushed because your hungry baby might make someone think pornographic thoughts is my idea of royal treatment.
    7- I didn't know women worked with the Prophet!!!!!
    8- Someone needs to learn how to tie a tie, and guess what spit up is visible on women's vlothing too, welcome to my life 24/7.
    9- Now you see why we need to stop judging each other if you think an unshaven man is slobbish.

  11. Male primary teachers are desperately needed in primary schools. The job however, can be perceived as one not suitable for men. This perception is outdated and inaccurate and puts a lot of potentially great Male Primary Teachers off from joining the profession.