Sunday, March 31, 2013

Our Scripture Characters

I've always told my husband he is like Joesph, the son of Jacob and Rachel.
Also known as Joesph of Egypt and the coat of many colors Joesph.

Seriously, look at this stud:

He's got women after him:

Knows how to invest and prepare:

Image from:

Has great fashion sense:

Image from

He killed a giant:

Image from:

Okay, wrong story. The picture just reminded me of Nathan because of the washboard abs and pecks of steel.

The most defining characteristic that Nate and Joseph share is that NO MATTER what situation these men are placed in, they are the best at what they do and put 1000% into it.

Joseph had many roles, he was a son, brother, servant, prisoner, Pharaoh's right hand man, husband, and father.
Even when Joseph was a prisoner he was still the best. The guards trusted him with the keys!
When Joseph was Pharaoh's man he made Egypt a world power and one of the wealthiest nations on earth.

Here is my character: I would say I am most like Peter the apostle, especially with my weakness.
Here I go:

Here is Peter sinking. Sometimes I see someone walking  on water and think 'Hey, I can do that too.' Then I freak out and start gulping in water. I know this story is about faith, but in mine (and Peter's) defense who was the ONLY guy to JUMP OUT OF THE BOAT?

Here's another classic Deirdra character trait. "I'll fight for you, Lord, or Nate, or Kal'el!" And then I start chopping people's ears off.

When I do something wrong I go out and "weep bitterly" and really beat myself up over it.

Apparently Peter is waiting to finish his last book before he goes to heaven too. "Wait just a minute. I can't die yet. I have to finish this scene!"

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