Sunday, April 28, 2013

Be Careful Who You Road Rage -- Hilarious!!!!

So Nate is driving to work one day. The light turns yellow and Nate slows and stops.
I don't know if the guy in the truck behind him wanted run the red light or just be first in line for the next green light, but either way, he was mad.

He yells and beats on his steering wheel then jumps out of his car and starts making tough guy strides toward the driver's side of my husband's car.

My husband looks down, sees that he's ready for work and steps out of the car looking like this:

Yes, my husband is a combat fighter.

 He is hard core military and his black belt is recognized by the Shaolin Temple in China.

For his job he is a Martial Arts Instructor and teaches the military hand to hand combatants.

The road rager scrambled back into his car, locked the doors, and sat very still until the light turned green again.


  1. ROFL That's freakin' awesome!

  2. As a fellow black belt, I salute your hubby's level of awesome. Your "Marital Arts" typo is amusing, too. ;)

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  4. Jasmine, Thanks for the typo catch. That's one of those palm to the forehead moments.