Sunday, April 7, 2013

Modern Knights of the Templar

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I feel like with a lot of my post I've had to put something like "Real Events," or "Actually Happened"
If I wrote a book about my life it would get put in the fantasy section.

Really, my husband is in the bloodline of the Knights of the Templar. His Grandfather was a Templar Knight and even had an amazing Templar sword and a large Templar Masonic funeral.

If being a Knight isn't cool enough, Nate is also in the direct bloodline from father to son of the Earl of Steward.
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Interestingly enough that hand symbol is also the symbol for "Magic Users."

I'm adding these two items to my wish list.  

That says Highland, Scotland. Yep, just like from my book.

There is also a Clan Boyd website:

Here are some pictures of the Highland:

Love this guy!!!

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