Saturday, April 13, 2013

Struck by Lightning -- Literally. True Account.

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My husband as been an amazing resource for my novels.
He has had so many crazy experiences. I can ask him anything and he knows the answer.

"Honey, how do you set a dislocated shoulder?"
"Honey, what does it sound like when you stab someone in the back?"
"Honey, can you cure a nephilim with a blood transfusion?"

My two favorites:

Me: Honey, what nerve do you press to make someone instantly pass out?
Hubby: Let me show you. This one here.

A few minutes later I wake up in his arms.

Hubby: Deirdra, you okay?
Me: I just had the strangest dream about a yeti.....

And next:

"Honey, what does it feel like to be struck by lightning?"

A few years ago Nate was training with the military in Mississippi.
The sky was raging with lightning, shrieking through the storm clouds like wicked banshees.

Nate and his men were in a Humvee. They needed to race through the storm to a bus
that would take them to base.

Nate had this strong impression that someone was going to get hit by lightning.
When Nate jumped out of the Humvee and raced toward the bus he saw a flash of pure blinding white light.

The white light faded into a beautiful ethereal glow.
He could see everything around him with a brilliant and pure understanding.
Millions of drops of rain fell in slow motion around him.
It was as if he could reach out and touch each reflective droplet individually before they hit the ground.

His first thought was, 'Oh, this can't be good. This shouldn't be happening.'

Then he felt a tingle in his toes.
The tingle traveled from his foot up his leg, becoming more intense as it neared the core of his body.
The trail of pain neared his heart and he thought, 'This is going to hurt.'
It struck his heart and everything went black.

Nate woke up and his men where holding him down in a puddle of water (because his body was smoking.)

"Let me up! Let me up!" Nate yelled. He didn't want to get struck by lightning again.

They wouldn't let him up so Nate FOUGHT his men off him.
Once he was on his feet he picked up his gear and raced for the bus.
Nate jumped on the bus and looked for and empty seat.

All the soldiers on the bus had seen what happened.
They stared, wide-eyed and horrified as if Nate were a ghost.

Nate's skin was red, like a bad sunburn. He had a darker red line from his foot to his head where the path of lightning had traveled through his body.

After that, Nate was ordered by the military to stand 50 yards away from everyone during thunderstorms.
Once you are hit by lightning it changes the energy function  in your body and you are more likely to be hit again. The lightning granted Nate a few other superpowers, but that is for another story.


  1. A few minutes later I wake up in his arms.


  2. I love that he made you pass out! That made me laugh really hard.
    And, that's really an awesome story about getting hit by lightening!