Wednesday, May 1, 2013

EMPOWERING Kids Against the Monsters Under the Bed

Here are a few things I've done to EMPOWER Kal'el against the monsters hiding in the closet (since there is no room under the bed with all the food storage.)

1. I got him into karate classes.
When he starts talking about the scary monsters in the closet I tell him, "Kal'el, you know karate. If the monsters come near you just show them your moves and they will leave you alone."
He really liked that one and will go through his forms and kiai. He knows those monsters are afraid of him now.

2. I made him a bottle of Monster Spray.

 8 oz of water 
 8 drops of Lavender oil 
 2 drops of Frankincense

This solution works wonders and is completely safe for children. It won't stain bedding and its safe to use around animals.

Lavender has a natural calming affect. Frankincense relieves stress and uplifts your mood. This combination is perfect for kids trying to sleep when there are monsters in the closet. 

I let Kal'el spray in the closet (which makes the clothes smell good) and spray anywhere else he thinks monsters might be hiding. He feels so good about himself after he does this.

3. The Darth Vader Sword

Kal'el has been into Darth Vader lately and got a small light up Darth Vader sword.
He turns on his light up sword and prepares to fight monsters that may sneak into his room.

4. Just Pray.
Heavenly Father will protect you.

I love these empowering tools.

Here is a WAY CUTE song about why kids shouldn't be afraid of monsters:


  1. Deirdra, I love this recipe for Monster spray! May I have permission to use it in my children's book?

    Thanks for posting this ~ Joyce P. Smith