Saturday, June 29, 2013

Trip to Fairy Tale City --- You gotta see this.

A Trip to Fairy Tale City. 
 Love this place. 
The culture is so different. 
Everyone is so spiritual and positive.
The city is very clean and tastefully decorated.

Here is pictures from window shopping:

 Fashion here is a little different.

This town is very religious. There are many different kinds of temples and shrines.

I saw this in one of the shops. This unicorn is about 7 feet tall.

Leif and I ate here: 
                                           SOOOO Yummy. I had "Rouge Valley Pear Ice-cream."

Even the bums are happy and positive.

This hotel was amazing. I wish I would have taken pictures on the inside. It was so luxurious. It was like something you would see in Titanic.

There is an Annual Chocolate Festival. 

This is totally my kind of town

Other images 

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