Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Smoking Apple Review

I had seen this little restaurant while driving down State Street many times. I always told Leif, "I want to try that place sometime."

It reminded me a little of "The Poison Apple" from the Shrek movie.

The food is old home-style. Leif and I drench everything in sauce and these people do BBQ right.
I had a chicken sandwich that was so tender it seemed to melt in with  the sauce. Even the bun was so perfect I could have eaten it by itself.

Nate had ribs. He said they were the meatiest and most tender he has ever had.

We completely stuffed ourselves for about $10 a plate. Despite being FULL we didn't feel greasy or gross afterwards.

We are new regulars at this place.

The Smoking Apple
70 N State St, Lindon, UT ‎
(801) 406-9928 ‎

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