Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hunting Stones and Shells in Crescent City, California

Nate and I took a trip out to Crescent City, California.
It was so amazing and beautiful.

On our way to the beach we saw these elk in the field and I had to take some pictures.

We got to the beach and started hiking along the rock cliffs to some of the caves to hunt for stones and shells.

Here are the cliffs:

                                     Here is Nate heading out to some of the caves.

Nate and I were hiking along the cliffs and shallows looking for shells and stones. We had been relativity unsuccessful when I happened upon some Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl is used to make stuff like this:

 I was pretty pumped.
While I reveled in my treasure Nate hiked ahead of me and made it over some pretty scary cliffs into a stone cave.

"Deirdra, drop everything and come here!"
Nate could see my hesitation to drop my treasure. He said, "Trust me."
I dropped all my Mother of Pearl and climbed to where Nate was. I had to time it just right so the waves wouldn't smash me against the cliffs. It was like playing leap frog with the ocean.

Inside the grotto was more Mother of Pearl than we could ever fit in our car.
The cave must have belonged to some seal or sea lion. (we had seen a few dead ones on the remote beach.)

Every shell was opened and ready for us to harvest.
Nate and I filled our satchels as fast as we could before what ever creature lived there came back.

We were very pleased with ourselves so we decided to hike back to the main beach (I say main beach because this part had sand instead of just cliffs, but we were the ONLY ones on the beach.)

Nate and I went body surfing. We were out in the ocean and we noticed a head pop out of the water.
It was the whiskered face of a wild sea lion.

Then another came, and another. The sea lions surrounded us. They were so curious about us. We had probably helped clean up their cave a bit. LOL.
We stayed and swam with the sea lions for a while. It was so amazing.
We will definitely have to go back there on our next ocean trip.

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