Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Catching the Magic Cat

One night, while my husband and I were doing a security check around our place, I noticed a little cat slip into one of the outbuildings.

We went after her so she wouldn’t get trapped inside. We searched the whole building. There weren’t very many places she could hide, but we couldn’t find her. My husband asked if I was sure I saw something. I told him we couldn’t close the door because I didn’t want to trap her inside. I knew it wasn’t my imagination so I kept an eye out for her over the next few weeks.

I finally found some evidence--tracks in the snow. When my husband got home from work I took him out to show him the tracks. It hadn’t been snowing and it hadn’t been sunny, but the tracks weren’t discernable. My husband was still skeptical.

I got a trap from animal control. I baited it and set it. I went several days without any success. It was a little disappointing, but I wasn’t giving up. Then one night, the trap went off, the bait was taken, but there was nothing inside the cage. It was about Christmas time and I had these great fantasies about getting a cat for Christmas. On Christmas morning I checked the trap and still – nothing.

I decided I must be doing something wrong so I let my husband set and bait the trap. The next morning BINGO! We caught her. It was the same one I saw a few weeks earlier. It was very obvious that she was wild. She showed a few good signs of possibly being tamable. She gave us the sleepy eyes and is she is still young (under a year.)

We thought we could tame her, but at this point we didn't realize she was a magical cat - not until the chaos started.

More of the story and what happened next coming in the next post. Be sure to follow ------->

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  1. I'd call her a ninja cat, personally. ;) I'm looking forward to hearing more!