Friday, January 24, 2014

Magic Cat Escapes Death and Baby Name Revealed!!!!!

Magic Kitty had been missing for over a week. During the week I started to smell something horrible in the kitchen. I thought it was from a box I unpacked the other day. The box had been in storage for a while where cats got to it. I was totally grossed out so I bleached my whole kitchen: cupboards, counters, floors, frig, everything-- but the smell remained.

I used one of the only superpowers I get while being pregnant (my sense of smell) and found a tiny hole in the corner of the kitchen under the cupboard. It was like the baseboards were never finished. This is where things get ugly. My husband and I both looked into the hole. We used mirrors and cameras to check out the small opening, but couldn't see anything. After measuring the cupboard's interior and exterior we realized there was about a 4 inch gap she could have gotten into.

I drilled a small hole in the back of the cupboard and ran a plumbing snake through it and realized she was back there. Nate and I prepared ourselves to remove a body.

 My dad was going to make a 2 hour drive to come down with his saw and help us cut out the body. It was such a long drive, I told him to let us see what we could do on our own. Besides, it would have been super awkward trying to explain to my animal-rights-activist-stepmom why my dad was making such a long trip so late in the night.

We grabbed a drill and made several holes. I told Nate to be careful, because if we hit the body and skewered the dead cat it would cause a pretty gruesome mess. The holes were enough to weaken in the wood and have my ninja husband smash it in. (All that practice breaking boards came in handy.)

After we smashed the wood in, Nate heard something and yelled, "She's alive!" We got her out, gave her some water and food then bleached our kitchen over and over and over. As much as Nate and I love cats, we were excited to have this one out of our house.

So now that we found the magic cat ALIVE, this meant we had a name for our daughter- Avalon.
We also gave the magic cat a name, "Magic." She deserved it after all this.

My husband and I talked about where to take her after we get her surgery done with the TNR program. She is too wild to stay in the house and we can't return her where we found her.
Two options we came up with are taking her to my dad's Magic Forest or to the Wild Woods near our home.

Coming up in the next post:

Nate gives "Magic" a bath (seriously! He bathed a pure feral cat. It was interesting and creative)
AND Kal'el makes his wish.

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