About Deirdra

I love green and everything that grows.

I love being in wind and water.

I love adventure with a purpose.

I love to read and write.

I love to use Earthing as a therapy.

I paint fire when I'm mad and oceans when I'm lonely.

I work with the most amazing people in the world. 

I love riding horses and grooming them.

I love going to the temple.

I love sleeping with my kitty in the sunshine coming through the skylight above my bed.

I love rain and thunderstorms.

I love walking across wooden bridges.

I love exploring.

I love running for miles along the sandy coast. 

I believe that magical things happen all the time.

I love seashells.

I love decorating with things made from nature.

I love designing eco-friendly homes

I love wearing long flowing dresses. 

I love hot chocolate on rainy days.

I love being barefoot.

I love a completed to do list.

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