Her Sanctuary Project

Her Eden Sanctuary and Facility 

Partner Program of:
Voices Set Free EIN 81-063-4495


The Sanctuary
Her Eden Sanctuary is an educational and therapeutic campground designed to build self reliance, confidence, and independence for victims of human trafficking and domestic violence.

Location: Rocky Mountain Region

Our Goals and What We Do
1. Our goal is to educate and empower others to break generational cycles of abuse, gain confidence in themselves, and skills necessary for independence, therefore making them less likely to become polyvictims or repeated victims.

2. We provide free classes to law enforcement, advocates, and others in the helping professions about the deeper dynamics of crimes against women and children.

3.  We provide a safe, healing, and resourceful environment for victims.

4.  We construct shelters that are family friendly, sufficient, and comfortable for women, their children, and their pets.

5.  We work with local non-profits and religious institutions to provide a clean, well maintained, and versatile location for retreats, educational instructions, conferences, camps, and workshops.

6.  In our private rustic camp we provide a safe harbor for victims and witnesses before, during, and after court proceedings.

7.  We work with local universities and colleges to cultivate onsite learning in natural setting for building, design, Young Outdoor Education, Forest Ecosystems and Management, environmental studies, gardening, Plant Physiology, Environmental Spatial Analysis, Environmental Health, and other applicable related educational instructions that will benefit from Her Eden Sanctuary.

8.  We work with eco-builders to provide a location and scholarships to economic building classes. Shelters will then be donated to homeless victims of human trafficking, interpersonal violence, and gender targeted crimes.

Deirdra Eden and Leif Boyd outside a freshly painted cabin

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